The Hotel Garberhof is surrounded by the natural world of Rasen-Antholz.

Please be kind while at the lake.

People from Rasen-Antholz are very kind and, if anything, friendlier. This was unfortunately not always the case.
A very, very long time ago, a poor beggar was wandering in the woods near the Austrian border. He knocked on three farmhouse doors and asked for a hot meal. All three farmers were very mean and drove the hungry man away. In revenge he caused a spring to rise behind each farm that became stronger every day. Three days later, where the farmhouses once stood, was a beautiful, clear mountain lake to be found: Lake Antholz. And this experience, it is said, made our valley the friendliest and kindest valley of all. You don’t believe it? You are welcome to find out here for yourselves.

The castle ruins, dating from the year 1200, offer a welcome to guests at the entrance to the valley, and the wonderful Antholz Valley has much more to offer. What about a waterfall with a view over the valley, for example? Or a dairy hut serving traditional dishes from Antholz?
And the Rasener Möser biotope is also a must-see. A marsh area and nature reserve, it is home to all sorts of rare animals and plants. Children of all ages can experience a unique natural world here.

At the very end of the Antholz Valley, almost in Austria, is the biathlon centre and the well-known South Tyrol Arena. The Biathlon World Cup is held here every year and it will play host to the 2020 World Championships. And while you are there, you can also take a look at Lake Antholz, itself shrouded in legend. But please be kind while you’re at the lake. It would be a shame if the rest of the valley were flooded too.

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