Spending a relaxing family holiday at the Garbehof golf hotel is a great idea.

Dad’s more of a gatherer.

You have to stalk very quietly. Keep your muscles tense and keep your eye on at the target. Take a deep breath. One last check because, as the hunters say, a good aim is half the kill. You release the arrow. And yes, I scored a hit. Not like Dad. He has difficulties here – even Mum is better. Me, I’m a real hunter. Dad’s more of a gatherer.

Kron Arc Adventure Park

The Kron Arc Adventure Park is located in Olang, not far from the Kronplatz. Here you can “hunt” for 3D animal models. After an introductory round with an instructor, archers can set off to stalk their prey.
An adventure that requires skill and concentration and is fun for young and old alike.

My golf club doesn’t talk so much.

The golf pro said that we should really get to grips with our golf clubs and get to know them well. Well, maybe it’s just me, but mine isn’t exactly the most talkative. Maybe it’s also so silent because I call it Monica…

Pustertal Golf Club

The nearest golf course is just 12 kilometres from the Dolomit Family Resort. The Pustertal Golf Club in Reischach lets you play in the wonderful natural setting of South Tyrol, on meadows, in the forest and around a biotope. The 9-hole course is not only demanding in terms of sporting ability but also puts your concentration to the test. There are also courses for beginners and advanced players.


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