Family fun with cross-country skiing and biathlon in the Antholz Valley.

Cross-country skiing – on a postcard.

Fresh, soft snow everywhere. The dark green spruce and fir trees are covered with a thick layer of splendid whiteness. The sky is as crystal clear as a sapphire, with not a cloud to be seen. Nothing but silence and the soft crackling of the ice layer on the frozen Lake Antholz. A landscape that is picture-postcard perfect. But everything is real, a dream come true. With you at its heart.

The Antholz Valley Trail runs 60 kilometres from Niederrasen to Obertal to the famous biathlon stadium. You can glide comfortably along this route while enjoying the unique, snow-covered natural world of the Antholz Valley. Many sections are quite flat and therefore highly suitable for children, beginners and those returning to the sport.
The groomed trail on the frozen Lake Antholz is absolutely legendary, of course.

If you want to find out just what your inner cross-country skier can do, book one of the many courses at the cross-country and biathlon school with a professional cross-country ski instructor.

Every shot a hit.

When shooting lying down, the target diameter is 4.5 cm; when shooting standing up it’s 11.5 cm.
Did you know that? No? Well you do now.
Here, at an altitude of 1,600 metres, is where the Biathlon World Cup is held every year. And, as a true biathlon fan, you can’t possibly leave the famous South Tyrol Arena without shooting at a few targets just like the real professionals. Make sure you hit them all or you’ll have to do a penalty lap!

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