The Garberhof near the Kronplatz is a true paradise for children and families.

Just five more minutes. Pleeeease!

Boys and girls of 3-5 years of age are in good hands in our Miniclub. It might just happen that they are absorbed by some cool new game and, even with the best will in the world, they simply can’t stop. Well, they don’t have to!

The professional childcare at our hotel ensures that the little ones have plenty of time to play.
The two floors of our Pino-Land have everything that a child could wish for. This is where great works of art are painted, giant dragons are made and the beautifully coloured photo frames are designed. But that’s not all: the spacious green area around the Garberhof conceals numerous secret places and wonderful adventures. Whether building a snowman or scoring goals, there is enough space for everyone out in the fresh air.

The Miniclub is open daily from 9:30 am to 9:30 pm

Practically all the kids will then want to get off to bed quickly so that tomorrow they can start all over again, fit and rested. Our Pino will also be off to sleep. Every now and then there is one little one who wants to stay “just five more minutes…”. Luckily, tomorrow is another day!

Every day is a play day.

A Nutella party today, making forest dwarves tomorrow and the day after tomorrow… What was it again?
Our weekly programme lets Mum and Dad know what their little one is up to and what’s on the agenda for tomorrow.

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