The family hotel in South Tyrol that offers baby, child and parent care.

If children could build a hotel ...

What would it look like?
It would most certainly be situated in the midst of a beautiful natural world, surrounded by a great forest and with plenty of space to play and discover.
Baby and child-friendly facilities in the hotel go without saying. There would of course also have to be large family rooms in which to tell good-night stories and have giant pillow fights.
What’s more, there should not just be menus for adults, because kids too want to have tasty treats on holiday. So special children’s menus would be a really good idea.

What else? Opportunities to play, of course! Children could be in different clubs, such as the Babyclub, Miniclub or Maxiclub, where they could have fun with others of the same age on two floors. There would be trained carers to look after their wellbeing. And, to make sure that the children were not disturbed while they are busy making things or romping bout, there should be somewhere to drop their parents off. A large sauna and wellness area, for example.

The parents could be picked up later and everyone could splash about together in the indoor or outdoor pools. There would be a separate children’s pool for water fights and adventures, with large farm animals spraying out water.
Yes, a hotel built by children would look like this.

And do you know what? Such a hotel already exists.
This is our hotel: the Garberhof children’s and family hotel in Rasen-Antholz.

Ours is a 4-star Superior hotel with outstanding hotel facilities, specially designed for families with babies, toddlers and larger children. And, because happy faces don’t just happen by chance, we are particularly concerned to meet the needs of babies and children – and of course of their parents.
Yes, that’s what it’s like here with us!

Feast, snack, munch.
We will delight the parents with hearty dishes from South Tyrolean, Mediterranean and Italian cuisine, while the little ones can munch on the special dishes from the children’s menu. Until everyone is full and satisfied, More
Rooms & prices
An oasis of calm for parents.
Parents can spend their time in our adults-only wellness area while their little ones discover the natural world with our carers. The spacious panoramic sauna area in our “Spa de montagne” is ideal for spending relaxing hours together as a couple. More
A land where children decide what’s what.
This is Pino-Land, which covers two whole floors. It is named after our mascot Pino, a jolly bear who is a firm favourite with all the children. He makes sure that there is plenty of playing and enjoyment, while our professionally trained carers take care of everything else.
Beautyful winter wonderland with unlimited fun in the middle of the snow. Hurray! More
Every summer is different here, but one thing is always the same: the holiday fun, the variety, the beautiful experiences. Dive in! More
Hiking and walking
Up, down, straight on, over hill and dale… More

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