Magnificent massages and tremendous treatments help you relax at the Garberhof wellness hotel.

Magical hands and a wonderfully light back.

You lie on the incredibly comfortable massage table, a subtle scent of essential oils in the air. It already feels like a holiday in a holiday. Your body is covered, your feet lie relaxed on the knee roll. Just lying there is totally relaxing. Can it get any better? Yes, it can – and will. The friendly masseuse now begins with the Garberhof back massage. Her warm hands glide down your back, knead your neck and loosen the shoulder area. And, with every grip, you slip further into the world of relaxation, free of thoughts, until there is only one thing left: the masseuse’s magical hands and your wonderfully light back.

Spa de montagne
We have brought the South Tyrolean mountains into our hotel and into our wellness area for adults. You don’t even have to go outside to experience that mountain feeling. This fascination with the grey giants can also be found in our massages and treatments.

The skin as a mirror of the soul.
The precious face care line from Team Dr Joseph is a real luxury for all skin types. This natural cosmetic line is free of parabens and preservatives. Natural active ingredients and the cupping technique activate the skin cells deep down and can even reduce small wrinkles in the skin.

The other applications are pretty good too. What about a honey massage, or the promising sound of “Heaven & Earth”? Or the Deep Relax Bath with mountain salt, rose and lavender? Or have you tried our “Time for Two” package? No? Then it’s about time… for the two of you.

Our applications

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